A Year And A Day


I love this photo – one of my very best friends photo shopped this and gave me a poster-sized framed copy for my 65th birthday!

I’ve been a practicing Kitchen Witch, Hedge Witch, whatever you want to call it, since about 1993, after realizing that those spiritual ideologies I had in my head actually had a name.  All my friends and family know it – tease me about it, accept me for it … and I love that they do.

And because I love to learn, I am beginning a year and a day of working towards a fuller understanding of my chosen beliefs.  A lesson a day …

And to remind myself of what is important and valid to me, following are excerpts from “The Wiccan Rede” – or rules to live by:

Bide the Wiccan Laws we must In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust…
Live and let live. Fairly take and fairly give…

Soft of eye and light of touch, Speak little, listen much.

Heed ye flower, Bush and Tree, by the Lady, blessed be.

When ye have a true need, hearken not to others’ greed.
With a fool no season spend, lest ye be counted as his friend.
Merry meet and merry part, bright the cheeks and warm the heart.
Mind the Threefold Law you should, three times bad and three times good.

True in love ever be, lest thy lover’s false to thee.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An ye harm none, do what ye will.

Blessed be, my friends!