Can I Just Get A Break?

I’ve come to realize that there are times in life when ….   life …. doesn’t go as smoothly as we would like.   The last few months have been challenging financially – more pay day to pay day than usual for some reason.  Some additional monthly fixed expenses have come up with the divorce being final (minor medical insurance premiums, assuming my half of car insurance premiums),  an unexpected vet bill, loss of my Son’s contribution to the household as he looks for new employment  … just kind of piles up.  I’m sure within a month or so everything will settle down and balance out, but at the moment it’s a bit emotionally overwhelming in addition to financially overwhelming.

And the icing on the cake was having someone run a red light left hand turn right in front of me …



A week ago Friday night …. MIDNIGHT!  I am truly grateful that neither I, nor the young man who ran the red light and his girlfriend, were injured.   No air bag deployments.  Body damage to both cars?  Absolutely.  Shattered nerves?  Uh huh, yep.  And as big a pain in the ass as it is to deal with all the insurance issues, it’s been as good as can be expected.   But with all the other stressers under foot right now, it’s not what I needed. Did NOT add to my calm.

AND … it was on my part a no-control situation.

The car is now in the “car hospital” in “tear down” mode – the insurance adjuster estimated about $5,300 in parts and labor based on what he could see.  Hopefully there isn’t any major “unseen” damage.

Of course in the fortunate absense of physical injury, it is a huge inconvenience more than anything. I am grateful.  And I am seriously grateful for the truly helpful, responsive and compassionate insurance people, both Century 21/Farmers Insurance (mine) and California Casualty (his) I have dealt with.  Thank you, everyone!

Gratitude …. that which illuminates the dark times …