Peace - Spirituality and other meanderings

Day 1 – Earth Centered Spirituality

To paraphrase Chapter 1 of Timothy Roderick‘s Wicca – A Year And A Day, long before there was religion, dogmas, regulations, ceremonial figureheads, theme parks and tele-ministries, there was simple NATURE.

We knew the ways of the changing seasons, the cycles of the moon, of healing and childbirth.  The Devine lived among us in the songs of the birds and in our bodies and the animals and plants.  The soft facts of life played out along with the hard facts of life.

In discovering this Wiccan path, we will find ourselves experiencing metaphorical muddy hands and feet; we find green grass, dark, rich earth, stone, or a tree and touch it … FEEL it and draw the weight of our body onto the land.

Connect with that power in the earth and natural things that is greater than us.  As we sit on the earth, imagine our root chakra reaching deep down into the earth, and network of roots that connect us to humans, animals, plants and objects.

red candle

Let the energy of Mother Earth fill you with strength and peace.

Namaste – I wish you all that Mother Earth has to offer us.

Itty Bitty